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18 years of manufacturing experience

Our company was established in 2001, around 18 years of experience in production, development has become the most powerful protection purifying mask manufacturers.

R & D capability to meet customer needs

Our company has a strong R & D team, capable of product development according to the specific needs of customers.

By safety certification

Through the QS quality and safety certification, customers can provide proof of certification。

Strong productivity, delivery on time

It has a strong modern production base, advanced production equipment and professional and technical personnel, to ensure delivery on time by volume。


Strict quality inspection by a third party

"Honesty, cooperation, responsibility" is our consistent business philosophy to ensure the highest quality products to customers in hand.


0601A self-priming filter type full face mask


0601B Self-priming filter type full face mask


0701A Self-priming filter type full face mask


0701B Self-priming filter type full face mask

UKASExpert witness review

Australia Certification examined

Gao Jian Ming respirators research

Gao Jian Guangzhou City Labor Insurance Ltd. was established in 2001, after decades of development and growth, only one from the original production of industrial protective glasses enterprises, research and development has become a professional production of protective masks, dust masks, anti - the impact of glasses with the company. Company strict quality requirements of hygiene products, all products have passed rigorous review of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine State Administration, and has made the country's industrial production permit XK02-001-00509. And by special labor protection supplies safety signs Management Center review, access to safe flag certificate LA-2006-0541, won the quality management system certification 00208Q14339RIS. It was named the China Textile Commerce Association A grade credit enterprise, Guangzhou Import and Export Co. Fair quality suppliers NO20101215-012.

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