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Principle and structure of gas mask


Principle and structure of gas mask

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  Gas mask is a kind of filter type respiratory protective equipment. It uses the mask to contact closely with the periphery of the face to isolate the eyes, nose, mouth and face from the surrounding toxic environment. At the same time, it depends on the adsorption of adsorbent in the tank. The absorption, catalysis and filtration of the filter layer can purify toxic air from the outside and provide clean air for breathing. A gas mask is usually composed of a mask, a filter tank, a gas duct and a gas mask bag. Which one tells you the principle and structure of a gas mask.

 Protection principle
The protection effect of the gas mask depends on the air tightness of various interfaces of the gas mask, such as the air tightness of the interface of the eye window, walkie talkie, filter tank, etc., which is the air tightness of the gas mask components. In addition, we can also connect the sealing part of the mask sealing frame with the human head and face. This is the biggest air tightness problem of the mask interface, and it is also the most important air tightness problem when using the gas mask.
 A tight frame is arranged on the inner circumference of the main body of the gas mask, which is a part of the mask suitable for the wearer's face and is made of rubber material. In the structure of binocular and monocular masks, the sealing frame and the main body of gas mask are inseparable parts. The sealing frame is an independent part of the overall hood structure.

 Structure of paint gas mask
The paint gas mask can be divided into airway gas mask and direct gas mask. The airway gas mask consists of a mask, a large or medium-sized gas tank and an airway. The direct gas mask consists of a mask and a small gas filter box. The direct gas mask is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. However, the size and weight of airway gas masks are slightly larger, which can provide long-term protection.

  The red line represents the inspiratory flow and the blue line represents the expiratory flow. When inhaled, the power supply air inhales harmful substances through the filter tank, and the toxic gas becomes clean air. It enters the mask through the suction valve, and the airflow enters the respiratory tract through the mouth nose mask or water blocking mask. When you exhale, exhale. The gas is discharged into the atmosphere through the mask exhalation valve. In the process of use, please repeat the above respiratory and circulatory process until stop  using.