Account Manager


Minimum Education:


Number of recruiters:


Experience requirements:

No limit

Work Area:

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the sales and promotion of the company's products;

2. According to the regional sales target formulated by the company, formulate the sales plan for the region, decompose the target, and organize the implementation;

4. Conduct customer development in the regional market and complete the distribution network layout;

4. Develop new customers, maintain old customers, broaden business channels, and regularly visit new and old customers in urban areas

5. Be responsible for formulating regional product promotion activity plans every month, and summarize and analyze each activity after the activity;


job requirements:

1. High school education or above, 22-40 years old; able to endure hardships, stand hard work, love the sales industry, have good communication skills, organization and planning skills;

2. More than half a year of working experience in the fast-moving consumer goods industry, experience in the beverage industry is preferred, and veterans are preferred;

3. The company can cultivate inexperienced persons;


Company benefits:

1. Full attendance reward of 150 yuan per month;

2. Employee birthday benefits;

3. Traditional holidays are taken in accordance with national regulations and benefits are paid in kind or in cash;

4. Unified social insurance for employees;

5. The company has a good working atmosphere and a harmonious relationship with employees, and the group organizes a variety of large-scale team building activities from time to time;

6. The group company provides a broad development platform and promotion channels;

7. Year-end bonus and equity incentive.

8. Management of board and lodging


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