Corporate Culture

In November 2009, the company went to Germany to attend the "A+A2009" exhibition in Dusseldorf. During the five-day exhibition, we attracted many visitors from all over the world, and many European customers were particularly interested in 0801 full face mask and 0302 double box half mask products, and they said "made in China" with one voice, "very good! ". However, more customers demanded more from us and hoped we could provide ABEK filter parts, and when there is a demand, there is a market.

In 2012, foreign customers asked us to research a single canister half mask and A1 and P2 filter parts that could pass CE certification. The company invested a lot of manpower and resources to develop 1201 single canister half mask and 1201A filter element and 1201P2 filter element in a short period of time, and passed the CE examination and certification. Completely meet the requirements of customers, and at the same time for the enterprise to strive for more export orders.

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